HZM force measuring device for point setting systems measurement, assessment and software features

Force-measuring systems like the HZM are deployed to record the proper condition of point machines following commissioning, inspection and repair work.  With this measuring technology, values of setting and holding forces like tongue tensions can be recorded and saved on site. These measurements can be evaluated later on the PC with the diagnostic software in a database.

To ensure correct results, the staff of the respective transportation company must be able to carry out the measurements correctly on site and to assess the data recorded for plausibility.

Participants are first given theoretical fundamentals of measuring technology and value recording; the individual components of the measuring system and the handling of the HZM diagnostic software are presented. In the hands-on part, application of the measuring technology can be practised on different types of point machine. Flat-bottom and grooved-rail tongue devices are available in our training centre for the purpose.

To be able to use all functions of the HZM diagnostic software on your corporate laptop, it would be expedient to bring the designated device to the workshop. Administration rights are necessary for software installation.

Protective footwear must be worn when practical work is being performed. Please bring your protective footwear with you. This workshop is ideal for consolidating your knowledge of and ability to assess point-setting systems.

As the operating software on the HZM measuring device is available in two different versions, we offer the course for deployment in EBO (heavy rail) and BoStrab (light rail) operations. Major differences include menu guidance and database export functions in compliance with DB standards for EBO.

HZM Basic - 2485
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Operating and management staff from the field of track construction and signalling technology
Jens Neuwohner, HANNING & KAHL
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HZM Basic - 2485

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