Manual point machine of 40 series in grooved-rail points
Manual point machine of 40 series suitable for all point types, point openings and gauges

Point Machines of the 40 Series

At many places in the line network - e. g. trailed or faced points which are seldom set - the manual point machine is the most economic solution.

Manual point machines supplied by HANNING & KAHL convince users by their optimum cost/benefit ratio:

  • desired setting to spring-back or throwover function with same components possible on site,
  • suitable for all point types, openings and gauges,
  • manual setting possible with low force requirement with one stroke purely mechanically,
  • redundant, progressively adjustable spring assembly for safe position of point tongues,
  • end-position damping to reduce noise,
  • optional equipment with FADIS route-diagnosis system for condition-based maintenance,
  • can be adapted in earthcases of other makes.

Technical data 40 Series

Drive form manual in throwover and spring-back function
Point type flat-bed, deep-bed, flat-bottom
Holding force up to 2,000 N, progressively adjustable
Manual setting force < 400 N
Point opening up to 60 mm
Construction height flat version: 250 mm including earthcase
deep version 450 mm including earthcase
Earthcase can be driven over; permissible axle load 12 t; connection to
drainage via water nozzles Ø 120 mm (other dimensions on request)
Permissible speed when crossing from the front max. 15 km/h
Permissible trailing speed in spring-back function max. 25 km/h