The event viewer is a higher-level event and fault log for visualising networked systems
FADIS Workstation
Master data and picture and document administration with TuneQ


To reduce service work to a minimum, HANNING & KAHL has developed a family of diagnosis systems.

FADIS - the route diagnosis system

When points and wayside/line equipment are equipped with FADIS®, you are always informed of point condition. Possible disruptive factors are signalled. You can react in good timeand thus ensure the availability of your line network. FADIS® facilitates extensive remote diagnosis and provides unsurpassed transparency in infrastructure management - very useful when planning maintenance work. The data acquired can be stored in a database (network) and made available for other applications (e.g. TuneQ).

TuneQ - Tuning your Equipment

TuneQ profits above all from the fact that HANNING &KAHL as a supplier of infrastructural equipment is involved in development right from the beginning, thus laying the ideal foundation for successful infrastructure-data management. Time-consuming acquisition of infrastructure data is reduced to a minimum by qualified provision of equipment data, CAD diagrams, sub-assembly catalogues and parts lists in electronic form. TuneQ adheres to standard 456 of the VDV association of German transport authorities. The TuneQ equipment manager is the core component oft he system. In this component, all infrastructure objects to be represented are tracked from the beginning of the planning phase until write-off. Depending on type, objects can be divided into interchangeable sub-assemblies and also components. Evaluation of the history of installations and installation parts is a particularly important function of the system. To administer all the information available on the equipment in the system, it is not sufficient to record equipment masterdata in the designated dialogues. Therefore, we have integrateda document management system DMS, via which allavailable documents can be stored with a link to the corresponding installation.
The malfunction data furnished by connected diagnostic systems and manual recording facilitate detailed TuneQAnalysis of the equipment, providing manufacturers and maintenance staff all the information they need to derive anoptimal maintenance strategy.

Event viewer

The event viewer is a higher-ranking event and malfunction memory, with which networked equipment can be visualised, giving an overall picture of events and malfunctions on several controllers. The event viewer is particularly indispensable on depots and networked systems.